Underwater Treadmills for Horses

Underwater treadmills are a great way to maintain a horse’s muscular functions and physique. Underwater treadmills are distributed by a plethora of companies, manufacturers and processors. They can be made of different materials and vary in length and size. While they differ slightly in appearance, they produce the same results and have a basic design.

Underwater Treadmills for Horses

A treadmill, like a spa, allows a horse to be surrounded by water. It combines the exercise of a treadmill, the relaxation of a whirlpool and the strengthening results of a swimming pool. An underwater treadmill environment can be controlled without excess stress or trauma. The temperature of the water, as in a spa, is therapeutic. Jacuzzi jets are used to agitate the water and allows the horse’s muscles to be controlled and withstand pressures of the water.

Treadmills are used to reduce stress. They can be used in accordance with rehabilitation and conditioning. The buoyance of water allows body weight to be displaced. This is around 40%-45% of the weight of the horse. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not under as much pressure as they are on the surface.

Injuries can be treated such as bowed tendons, bucked shins, saucer fractures and foot problems. Some treadmills can hold up to 1,400 gallons of heated/cold water. Low impact exercises can reduce internal problems.  Traumatic join disease is a common in athletic horses.  This can range from a mild sprain, to absolute loss of joints. Low impact physical therapy, like a treadmill, can reduce this problem. In fact swimming and tract running is not recommended. These activities can be detrimental to joints by over working them. Land conditioning can make a horses back and muscles stiff. The effects of a treadmill can reduce the soreness.