Mechanical Process and Components of Equine Spa

Here is the mechanical process and components of Equine Spa. Parts of an equine cold spa are similar from model to model. They all have a way to allow the horse in and out, a way to recirculate water, a way to control temperature, and side access that holds working parts. The difference occurs in units by how the water is chilled, what the parts are made of, and how expensive the spa is. Below we will look at a model that is pretty common in the industry.


Half Door/Door

  • Most common in the industry
  • Allow for top half to be removed
  • Comfort and easier access for horse
  • Has latches, and a quick release door for safety
  • Can contain fiberglass, and stripping to seal in water

Connective Hose

  • Able to spot treat problems above the hock area
  • Ideal for treating open wounds
  • Can be performed with or alone of spa treatment
  • Can be used for post surgery and post castration


  • Unit that holds the horse after entering through the door
  • Sizes vary
  • Can be insulated
  • Can allow for constant chilling without running chiller
  • Can hold 520 gallons

Side Access

  • Holds all working components
  • Filters – used to keep water purified by a double filter system (4 filters, 3 process)

(1)Course Filter- of process, filters large debris

Cleaned ever 7-10 horses

(2) Cyclonic Filter- Separates debris

(3)Fine Filter- 10 microns allowing water to be recycled for 3000 times

Cleaned every 40 horses

Cooling Unit

  • Self-contained unit
  • Can chill water to a minimum of 2 degrees at a time
  • Maintains water at constant temperature
  • Can be single phase or three phase

Anti-Rear Strap

  • Keeps horse from rearing up in the spa
  • Collects manure, to not contaminate water
  • Reduces potential injuries from occurring