Equine Physical Therapy

Equine physical therapists are a useful source of information when it comes to healing horses.  They are trained, experienced and can help with all sorts of problems from strains, bites, and muscle trauma.


Equine physical therapist school regulations are established by the state. One state may require a doctor’s/veterinary degree, and another state may require a certificate. There is no formal education for animal PT in the United States. Most equine therapists know about musculoskeletal, geriatrics, neurological system and the functions the systems provide. Their training is through an accredited school provided by the American Physical Therapy Association’s Commission. Experience is gained through hands on technique and the use of mechanical implements. These mechanical machines can include treadmills, spas, electromagnetic therapy, muscle simulators, and ultrasound therapy.

Equine Physical TherapyThere are different types of animal therapists. Classification can be divided into animal care, service workers, and non-farm animal caretakers. These classifications determine the animals a person will work on and where. Some physical therapists work in vet hospitals /clinics. Others may be called to a certain location. Therapists work to heal animal injures through massages and exercise. The therapist works in union with the owner, trainer and veterinarian.